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We love Quality Control and being Customer Centric 

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Quality Work Through Dedication

Our Motto is to offer quality service and also ensures customer satisfaction; “A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement”. All this is done through our dedicated group of professionals who value team work!

Our Divisions


BTS Fire & Rescue Systems

Distributor and System integrator of innovative fire and rescue system. 

Ceiling Fan

BTS Energy Solutions

We specialize in renewable energy systems ranging from PV Solar Plant, DPA UPS, E-Mobility and many more.


BTS IT Solutions

We provide a wide range of IT Infrastructure Products that aid in controlling the fire.


BTS Civil Engineering

Geogrid and geosynthetic products for pavement reinforcement to build up asphalt concrete over layer.


BTS Robotics (AMR)

Robotic and AI are a driver of the next generation which we intend to use to service the local market.

BTS Mining Mobility

Solution for Effective and Safe Loading for transportation of heavy mining equipment.

Why Choose Us

Through our widely recognizable strengths, Bofedile Tech Services maintains the technical expertise, professionalism, and financial capacity to succeed.

Safe & Secure

Our Systems and products are safe and secure to use. Quality assurance and control forms part of our daily routine.

Reliable Support

Our teams are always ready to provide technical support on all installed systems and products supplied by us.

Low Cost

Our solutions are price competitive and durable, reducing client’s expenditure as rapid fixing and serving is not necessary.