BTS Mining Mobility Solutions

Solution for effective and safe loading for transportation of heavy mining equipment around the mine site.

Panther Series II Low Loader

Panther Series II Low Loader from our partner Piacentini & Sons has been developed to improve safety and efficiency when loading, transporting heavy mining equipment around the mine site. Panther Series II starts with a payload of 80, 000kg and ranges to 1,000,000 kg capacity and the Low Loader are customized to meet client’s site-specific requirements. Our Low Loader present the following benefits to our clients: a superior safety feature and ease of operation, improved operational efficiencies and cycle time, outstanding and proven engineering excellence, very cost effective and reliable low loader and very much suited to the autonomous mining operation. Low Loader has industry best design feature which includes seamless transition from ramp to platform, eliminating pivots during loading and unloading, incorporated wet brake system, park brake integrated pneumatic access system for safe access and egress on both side, remote controlled trailer raising and lowering function for safe operation and optimised trailer length and high ground clearance for superior mobility around site.