Our Divisions

BTS Fire & Rescue Systems

With diverse partnerships and products, we provide high end consultancy and solutions for different fire and rescue systems for different industries. Products include;

  • FirePro
  • Kentec
  • Collaborative PPE
  • Ecological Foam

BTS Energy Solutions

Brief description of this service

  • Solar Systems
  • Fuel and Mining
  • High Voltage Power Systems

BTS I.T Solutions

IT infrastructure solutions provider of different latest technology products and services the industry can offer. Some of our product lines include;

  • Racks
  • Cooling System
  • Monitoring System
  • Power Distribution Unit & UPS

BTS Mining Mobility

Distributors of bespoke mine site earth moving and mining equipment Low Loader from our Australia partner Piacentini & Sons.

  • GlasGrid Series
  • American Road Patch
  • Panther Series Low Loader

BTS Civil Engineering

Distributor of geogrid and geo-synthetic products of pavement reinforcement with asphalt concrete overlay.

  • American Road Patch
  • GlasGrid
  • Mine grid