BTS Civil Engineering

Distributor of geogrid and geo-synthetic products of pavement reinforcement with asphalt concrete overlay.

  • American Road Patch- Peel and Seal Repair Patch embeds into the roadway forming a waterproof seal, extending the life of repairs. Unlike traditional methods, ARP is cost effective product that properly contains, strengthens and seal potholes, cracks and utility cuts repairs.
  • GlasGrid- Extend your pavement life by up to 300% with GlasGrid Reinforcement geogrid. GlasGrid can be used on runways, aprons and parking lots to reduce maintenance cost by helping to prevent the advancement of reflective cracking. Geogrid GlasGrid works by reinforcing asphalt concrete overlays in pavement construction. Test proves excellent milling performance and measured recyclability.
  • Mine grid -Mine fabrics works as a reinforcement of the mine roof and walls and protect the miners and the machinery from structural collapse and the falling fragments.